Will Briskin

I am a freelance writer with broad writing expertise and a professional background in investigations, marketing, and education. 

StudioRossi Double Chair - a bestselling design from the studio I work for.

About Me

As a news-junky, woodworker and tutor, I bring a diverse skillset to my writing. Outside of my work, I am an avid snowboarder, and enjoy spending time in Vermont and with my dog, Phoebe (named after minor goddess by my grandfather). Whether it be in the city or countryside, I'm always eager to make connections and learn about other people's experiences. 

No matter how clear the picture may seem, a closer look always reveals new details.

How I Work

I work remotely from New York City, and have extensive experience working on deadline in multiple timezones. In addition to my work as a freelance writer, I'm also a writing, social science and standardized testing tutor. Managing my own clients across the globe has taught me to work efficiently and I'm constantly finding connections between my writing and education work.

Every article topic, from product reviews to how-to guides, has two sides.

My Ethos

Dedicated research and unbiased writing are the foundation of informative articles; both are reflected in my portfolio. By thoroughly researching all my articles, regardless of the topic, I am able to synthesize complex information into useful, digestible copy.

I am always open to new connections and opportunities.

Get in Touch

Please direct all inquiries to my LinkedIn or the email in the top right corner.